Bradford Infrastructure Support Organisations Network

The Bradford Infrastructure Support Organisations Network (BISON) partnership was established in November 2006 and since April 2007 has been delivering services funded by a commission from the BMDC Community Funding Unit (CFU).

This partnership is a first for the District and is evidence of continued commitment of the Infrastructure Support Organisations (ISOs) in the District to provide joined up, high quality, responsive support service to voluntary and community organisations. The partners detailed below bring together generalist, locally based support organisations and specialist support organisations. Working together has enabled partners to share resources, develop referral systems and raise awareness of the support that is available for VCS in the District.

BASIS 2 - Building and Sustaining Infrastructure Support

The BASIS 2 programme is looking to fund projects that fill the highest priority gaps in the current VCS infrastructure support to ensure the sector’s wide spectrum of organisations can access relevant high-quality assistance.

This is to enhance community cohesion amongst diverse faith and community groups across West Yorkshire. The lead on this project is Fit4Funding



The Improving Reach Project, brought to you by Capacity Builders and Pendle Community Network, works with migrant workers and rural groups by providing opportunities for one to one and group learning in both personal and organisational development.

The Improving Reach team also offer access to information, advice and guidance from qualified and experienced staff. Encouraging and supporting rural and migrant communities to become actively and creatively engaged in decision making process, and providing them with a voice to SPEAK OUT!


A cohesion project for Bradford District, where several frontline organisations have to come together to form a partnership, led by COEMO to deliver this project.

This project is supported by the Bradford Council to promote community Cohesion and social inclusion across the dirstrict.

Activities include:

* Multicultural Activities

* Mentoring 


* Exchange Visits 

* Sports Activities

* Arts and Crafts

BASIS 1 - Building and Sustaining Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure services do vital work to help voluntary and community groups achieve their aims, through services such as training, providing information, representing community groups' interests, supporting networks and sharing good practice.

The BASIS programme aims to ensure that voluntary and community organisations throughout England have access to high quality support that will help them be more effective.

FJF - Future Jobs Fund

Future Jobs Fund was a recommendation from the Houghton Review of Worklessness (called the National Challenge Fund) to support people who are long term unemployed remain active and engaged with the market.

The fund aims to create around 150,000 jobs, primarily aimed at 18-24 year olds. 50,000 will be targeted at unemployment hotspots and 10,000 will be in green jobs. 

The fund will provide a wage payment to support the creation of extra jobs that last for at least six months either for long term unemployed young people or those in unemployment hotspots.

These jobs must deliver benefits to the wider community (over and above benefits delivered through engaging with the long term unemployed), be a minimum of 25 hrs per week. 

If you would like to know more or require further information on the services we can offer then click on our contacts and send us an email, alternatively you can always ring us on 01274 488872