8th August 2011

Communities across the Country are starting the week with serious concerns following the outbreak of rioting and violence in many areas of London.

More than 100 people have been arrested in connection with looting across east and south London, following a major riot in Tottenham at the weekend. This followed what was meant to be a peaceful vigil following the death of a local man at the hands of the Police, a matter which is currently being examined by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Many community workers, who are keen on developing community relations, and strengthening the community cohesion agenda are wondering what impact this will have for London, and more importantly to community relations across the country.

COEMO have been working extremely hard over the last year in particular to look at the cohesion issues, and through projects with the Council and another West Yorkshire programme through Lottery support, have managed to help address the key issues of concern. However, the recent problems over the weekend, highlight much flaws in the cohesion programme in other areas. Whilst Bradford has come some distance following the 2001 riots, which has seen communities come together and work with the local authorities including the Police, it seems that lessons in other areas have not been learnt.